Full-Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is a term used to describe the process of simultaneously rebuilding or restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws.

There are several reasons why a patient may want to restore all of their teeth at once. Some reasons include:

       1. Lots of previous dental work

Over the years, your dental work may have been done one by one, at different times. Unfortunately, this tooth-by-tooth dentistry does not allow the dentist to improve your bite, as the single tooth is made to match your existing bite. A new, improved bite is possible with a full mouth reconstruction because all the teeth are restored simultaneously.

       2. Many or all missing teeth, resulting in loss of chewing function

If you’re missing many or all of your teeth, sometimes a full mouth reconstruction is the only option. A full mouth reconstruction will restore the biting and chewing function you have lost. A harmonious smile can be achieved because all the teeth are being restored together.

       3. Grinding/clenching of teeth, or acid erosion, resulting in a very worn down bite

If you have severe wear of your teeth, oftentimes a full mouth reconstruction is your only option. Because your teeth wore down together, they also have to be restored together to recreate your beautiful smile.

       4. Signs of premature facial aging in the lower third of your face

Our facial muscle tone naturally weakens as we age. Sometimes, this decrease in muscle tone can lead to a “sunken” in look. Proper teeth alignment and contour can help to support our muscles and make the aging process a little more graceful. The shape and color of your teeth can also result in a more youthful, vibrant look to more accurately reflect your true personality.

A full mouth reconstruction is a major investment—in your dental health, your energy, in your time and finances. It requires meticulous planning to ensure a long-term outcome. It is a complex project that should be undertaken by only the most skilled dentists, as it requires technical knowledge and training that’s much more advanced than what is taught in dental school.

As a Board-Certified Prosthodontist, Dr. Christine Lee has the training and the experience required to ensure a full mouth reconstruction is not only cosmetically beautiful, but also functionally stable. She also strongly believes in the importance of follow-up care, to ensure the long-term maintenance of your investment.

Please call us at   (203) 853-4088 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lee to get all of your questions answered about this life-altering procedure.

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